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How to Minimize the Issue of Air Compressor Pressure Drops

July 15, 2021

How to Minimize the Issue of Air Compressor Pressure Drops

One of the most expensive issues that can occur for an air compressor is pressure drops. While pressure drops are not usually indicative of major issues, they can become a big headache if not properly addressed. Typically, one of the most common culprits is with your compressed air piping. With that said, it will not always be obvious immediately what the main culprit is.


Thankfully, there are some ways to help minimize concerns with your compressed air piping and pressure drops.


Firstly, you may have to look at your system distribution. This is because one potential cause of pressure drops is an air distribution system that is too widespread or sophisticated for your compressed air piping. A distribution system that is oversized will result in the restriction of compressed air travel from the equipment to the tools. In this scenario, you have to remove any unwanted sections, such as extension hoses, or move the machine itself closer to the tools.


Another way is to replace the bad tubing that connects your machine to the power tools. Take time to inspect the tubing and make sure that each of the tubes is properly sealed at both ends. On top of that, check for any holes, folds, kinks, and even rust formation on the tube. These things can damage the tube, which will then result in pressure drops during the compression process. Once this occurs, you need to call in an expert to check and fix the problem with your compressed air piping.


Lastly, check on your filters and replace them if required. Filters have a critical role to play in trapping undesirable particles and preventing them from getting inside the cylinder. However, not regularly cleaning or replacing them can lead to a clogged filtration process. If this is left unattended for a long time, the dirt accumulates and results in other problems. Make sure that you are always checking on the filters. Hopefully, these tips will help you minimize pressure drops in your air compressors.