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How Often Should You Maintain Your Air Compressors?

April 08, 2020

How Often Should You Maintain Your Air Compressors?

Regardless of the type and model of your air compressor, it does need a certain amount of upkeep to maintain its optimal performance and reliability. Sticking to a regular maintenance schedule and finding a reliable provider of air compressor service in Toronto to help you keep up with all the necessary work will result in time and money saved, emergency and expensive repairs prevented, and air compressor life expectancy improved. With that said, how often should you maintain your air compressors so that you can enjoy the most productivity from them?


When you get into a contract with a provider of air compressor service in Toronto, that means enjoyed schedule checkups and having the peace of mind that any unexpected changes that may happen within your machine can be dealt with promptly and properly.


Here are two types of maintenance schedules to keep in mind:


Daily Compressor Checkup

Considering the importance of air compressors to facilities, it is vital that your machine operators perform a basic, visual inspection of the machine at the end of each work day. While this is nothing like professional maintenance, it is still helpful in terms of catching problems early. Check on the control panel to make sure that every reading is normal and that the gauges are also set properly. You can refer back to the previous records to ensure that the current measurements are in the normal range and are consistent over time. If there have been no adjustments made but the readings show deviation, it might indicate that it’s time for you to call your air compressor service in Toronto.


Scheduled Maintenance

It is recommended that once every 1,000 - 3,000 hours of operation, your compressor’s filter should be checked and serviced if needed. Signing up for scheduled preventative maintenance means a team of professionals will do this for you according to a set schedule. They will execute every item in the compressor maintenance checklist during each visit, ensuring your air compressor remains well-maintained throughout the year.


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