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How Businesses In Toronto Make Used Air Compressor Purchases Go The Distance

January 16, 2020

How Businesses In Toronto Make Used Air Compressor Purchases Go The Distance

Scouting for a used air compressor in Toronto takes a matter of seconds, all you need to do is carry out an online search whereupon you’re bombarded with thousands of units up for grabs.


Finding a listing, however, isn’t the main issue associated with used air compressors in Toronto. What you’re really looking for is quality listings.


Used and aged units are marked down for a reason, for if you don’t play your cards right, you can end up losing more money than if you had just outright bought a new one.


As with most things in life, knowledge and developing your intuitive sense are key players in making your investment go the distance for a used air compressor in Toronto. To help guide your journey, we’ve put together common potholes new buyers often find themselves landing in when on the prowl for a used unit.


Uncharacteristic Noises During Operation

If there was a golden rule it’d be this one - always test the used unit you plan to buy. While sellers usually do their utmost to rectify issues by tightening pulleys, checking and replacing pistons, or making sure the crankcase is in place, noises can still emit from parts due to excessive wear and tear that the seller themselves may have had difficulty diagnosing.


Professional technicians, much like those at Compressed Air International, can help you get to the root of these issues and remedy them before you make a purchase.


Low Air Pressure

Industrial-grade used air compressors for Toronto businesses are made to handle heavy-duty, strenuous tasks. If there is low air pressure, the unit can leave itself vulnerable to the following:


. Short circuit

. Poor pressure switch adjustment

. Low oil levels


With the use of specialty equipment, a qualified air compressor technician is your best bet in identifying and resolving this issue upon inspection.


Worn Out Motor Belts

Loose belts that coordinate out of synch with pistons or rotary motors are a common occurrence within used air compressors in Toronto. Replacing them and ensuring they're tight and aligned properly with their respective pulleys after your purchase is a task best left to experts that frequently handle air compressor repairs.


Immense Moisture Buildup

Filters undoubtedly play a crucial role in reducing moisture buildup; however, excessive heat that produces high levels of moisture is a sign your air compressor is in need for internal repair. Remember, poor air quality is a sign of contamination, which produces poor operational results in industrial environments.


Always Get Your Used Air Compressors Checked Before Use!

Prevention always trumps treatment, and using used air compressors that aren’t up to scratch can lead to less than desirable results. Professionals from Compressed Air International, with more than 50 years of knowledge to rely on, are more than equipped to inspect your air compressors or even help you find the best used units to help you save on costs. Our staff is always on hand to deal with your query, so get in touch and witness what a difference a pedigree like ours makes!