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Guidelines for Buying a CompAir Compressor in Toronto

January 06, 2017

Guidelines for Buying a CompAir Compressor in Toronto

Guidelines for Buying a CompAir Compressor in Toronto

Looking for a CompAir compressor in Toronto? The majority of first-time buyers have a lot of burning questions waiting to be answered. If you are a new to buying an air compressor, then you might have a hard time choosing without knowing enough about this innovative equipment. There are many variations available in the market with different sizes and models to choose from. This article will help you decide on the right air compressor to purchase. First, it is important to note the what kind of application your CompAir compressor will be used for in Toronto. For instance, there are household air compressor types and there are those used in huge industrial plants.

For industrial uses, the ideal air compressor must have a piston as well as a tank. The most particular parameters that one should be aware of are the pressure as well as the volume needed by the tools that will be powered by the air compressor. When it comes to heavy-duty models, it is important that the air compressor is able provide both high pressure and volume. If the air compressor is not capable of the required pressure for industrial purposes, then work will be delayed.

Piston-type air compressors are capable of storing compressed air because of the built-in tank and work with a motor that gives higher air pressure once it is depleted. Portable air compressors, on the other hand, typically do not have tanks and need to run continuously to provide compressed air. There are two kinds of piston-type air compressors, the single-stage and the two-stage. Single-stage are used in household applications while two-stage air compressors are used in industrial settings.

It is important to check the horsepower that can be delivered by your CompAir compressor. In Toronto and across industries in Ontario, the typical range is from 1.5 horsepower to 6.5 horsepower. In the case of industrial air compressors, the horsepower is much higher and the psi is also greater. Aside from the horsepower rating, there are other factors that should be noted when choosing an air compressor. The Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) rating for example is also important. It indicates how much volume flows through the air compressor.