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Five Common Reasons Why Your Air Compressor May Require Repair

January 03, 2019

Five Common Reasons Why Your Air Compressor May Require Repair

While air compressors can be extremely useful for powering tools and industrial equipment, they consist of many parts that can break down with prolonged use or if they are not maintained on a regular basis. If your business is dependent on a functioning air compressor, you’ll need a technician who can assist you at a moment’s notice. Our technicians at Compressed Air International provide emergency air compressor repair in Toronto any day and at any time!


Many things can go wrong with your air compressor, and in some cases it may be difficult to determine what the issue is. In other cases, your machine may be experiencing a common issue that can be easily identified. These issues can then be reported to a technician who specializes in air compressor repair in Toronto. Here are five of some of the most common issues and their causes:




 1. Compressor does not turn on

  • Parts are not properly connected to each other or a power source
  • The oil level is too low
  • Pressure switches need to be adjusted

An obvious issue, but there’s no use in having an air compressor if it can’t be turned on.


 2. Excessive noise

  • Loose parts, such as a pulley, flywheel or belt, or accessories
  • Loose floor mounting
  • The oil level is too low
  • Defective crankcase

These machines can be noisy even while they are running smoothly. If this is the case for your compressor, you might look into purchasing vibration absorbers.


 3. Oil runs out quickly

  • Obstructed air filter
  • Leak
  • Tilted compressor
  • Worn out piston rings
  • Wrong oil viscosity

This is a serious issue that should be addressed quickly, especially if you think you have a leak. Oil leaks can lead to fire or explosions, but can be prevented if you get expert assistance with your air compressor repair in Toronto.


 4. Oil in reservoir is milky

  • High humidity

The oil in your compressor’s reservoir may appear milky due to water entering the reservoir and mixing with the oil. This happens when the machine is used in an environment with high humidity.


 5. High temperature air discharge

  • Cooling surfaces need to be cleaned
  • Obstructed air filter
  • Worn valves or head gasket
  • Poor ventilation

This is a different issue from overheating of the machine itself, which could be caused by overuse or a lack of oil or lubrication. High temperature air discharge indicates that an internal component needs to be replaced or maintained.


Whatever the issue, you can enlist the assistance of a skilled technician from Compressed Air International to ensure your safety and the proper maintenance of your air compressor. We can even set up a rental compressor for your business while we repair yours. Call our emergency line (1-888-826-7247) for expert air compressor repair in Toronto!