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Equipment Leasing: The Underutilized Air Compressor Service in Toronto

January 30, 2020

Equipment Leasing: The Underutilized Air Compressor Service in Toronto

Companies lacking the necessary capital to outright purchase new air compressor machinery in Toronto turn, more often than not, to the next option on their itinerary - a payment plan for new machinery. What they may not have considered, however, is an air compressor service in Toronto dedicated towards equipment leasing.


Let’s break down exactly what this regularly overlooked air compressor service in Toronto entails…


Equipment Leasing - What is it?

As many may have gathered from its name, it essentially allows for the leasing of industrial, heavy-duty units by way of low and iterative payments. Much in the same vein as property leasing, it essentially provides a channel for you to utilize high-quality and well-maintained units for a length of time. Subsequent to the end of your lease term, you can opt to return the equipment or renew your existing lease.


The Different Types of Equipment Leasing Options


Capital Lease

A capital lease is similar to an equipment loan. If the business qualifies with the leasing requirements, they can finance the equipment's value with recurring monthly payments. Once the payments are completed, they then fully own the equipment. This is a convenient air compressor service for Toronto businesses that are just starting out and may be struggling to meet bank finance requirements.


Operating Lease

Companies and leasing parties will agree to a fixed lease period and monthly payments. Operating leases give businesses no equipment ownership and only ownership renewals by the lease's end period. The upshot to all this is that regular repayments under this option are more affordable than those seen in capital leases.


Why Should I Consider Equipment Leasing?


Rising To Meet the Demands from Industry

It goes almost without saying that you’ll want to stay on top of your respective industry and seek to deliver the best service across the GTA. To help set this business sense into motion, equipment leasing becomes a beneficial, and almost invaluable, air compressor service for Toronto businesses and heavy industries operating on a similar playing field to you.


Wanting to Sell Your Used Air Compressors

While it's true that you can't sell your used units for 100% ROI, you can definitely have enough cash back to make it worthwhile all while preventing operational disruption by leasing a new industrial air compressor.


The Company is Cutting Costs (Or Investing in Other Areas)

Operational equipment leasing can assuredly help businesses planning to invest in new ventures that are forecast to scale business traffic. In such cases, equipment leasing provides businesses with the newest equipment that address expansion demands while simultaneously leaving a minimal dent in your annual budget.


Equipment Leasing - An Industrial Company's Friend

New air compressors and other heavy-duty industrial equipment can be costly upfront investments; however, equipment leasing gives businesses an opportunity to have the latest air compressors and tools to capitalize on the full-potential of their service. Compressed Air International has its own equipment leasing terms that situate us as the most comprehensive air compressor service in Toronto. The road to more information is at your fingertips; reach out to any one of our consultants and we’ll set your success into motion!