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Cost Saving Rebates for Industrial Air Compressors in Toronto

June 10, 2021

Cost Saving Rebates for Industrial Air Compressors in Toronto

Running an industrial business can be a costly endeavour both in terms of money spent on utilities and energy requirements. Most businesses are working to reduce their carbon footprint, not just because of the cost savings that come with that but because consumers are increasingly demanding to see changes. Any industry that works with industrial air compressors in Toronto knows that this can be a challenge.


Thankfully, companies like Compressed Air International are making energy savings easier for industrial air compressors in Toronto through attractive rebates programs.


1. Installing a Primary Air Receiver

Having the wrongly sized tank for your load or no-load air compressor can be draining energy-wise. Adding a receiver can help you reduce your demand for energy through increasing your compressor’s storage capacity. Getting an air receiver can entitle you for rebates of up to $7,640, based on the HP of your air compressor and the minimum or maximum requirement on your tank. 


2. Installing a Cycling or Thermal Mass Refrigerated Dryer

Currently, if you are using a non-cycling refrigerated dryer, you are incurring energy wastage and extra costs because these dryers will run continuously regardless of load. Replacing such dryers with cycling or thermal mass refrigerated dryers can entitle you to rebates of up to $410, based on the CFM of your compressor.


3. Installing Regenerative Desiccant Dryer Dewpoint Demand Controls

Fixed timer controls on a desiccant dryer can waste up to 15% of total air flow needed for regeneration. Replacing these outdated and wasteful controls with demand controls can reduce purge loss and earn you rebates of up to $2370 depending on compressor CFM.


4. Installing a Compressed Air Pressure Drop Filter

You can get rebates of up to $730 for getting a new filter drop or 1 or 3 at element change, based on your compressor HP.


5. Installing a Zero-Loss Drain

A zero-loss drain can help you periodically adjust condensate drains that run on timers to ensure they open as intended or are not stuck open, which can cause you to lose pressure and increase energy usage. You can get rebates of $140 per drain.


6. Installing Engineered Nozzles

Open blowing pipes or locally-fabricated nozzles are not efficient. Engineered nozzles will allow you to only use compressed air whenever it is required. The larger the size of the engineered rebate, the bigger the rebate you can get per nozzle.


These programs make it easy for operators of industrial air compressors in Toronto to make the right changes to protect the environment and save on costs. Call us at Compressed Air International to learn about more ways you can improve the efficiency of your industrial air compressor in Toronto.