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Compressed Air Piping In Toronto - An Absolute Necessity

June 09, 2017

Compressed Air Piping In Toronto - An Absolute Necessity

Compressed air is simply defined as the air that is kept under a particular pressure, which must be greater than atmospheric pressure. It is a major aspect in various domestic and industrial purposes. According to recent statistics, ten percent of all industrial electricity consumption is used to produce compressed air, which amounts to 80 TW hours consumption per year.

In this modern day and age, we can truly say that compressed air is a necessity because human beings utilize their natural resources. However, compressed air is relatively expensive in comparison to other natural resources. The usage of compressed air piping in Toronto ranges from HVAC Control Systems to refrigeration and air guns.  Sporting equipment, such as paintballs and scuba diving gears are equipped with compressed air systems. In a paintball, the function of compressed air is mainly for ammunition propulsion as many have learned in their physics classes (Newton's Third Law).

The most prominent use of compressed air systems is in refrigerators and air conditioned cooling systems. The whole idea of compressed air piping comes from the Principle of Thermodynamics. Their usage also extends in order to manufacture PET Plastics bottles, containers, and gas turbine systems, which compress the intake of combustion air.

These compressors are used to power pneumatic tools in machine shops and factory floors. Additionally, submarines use compressors in order to store air to use by displacing water from buoyancy chambers.

The most significant use of compressed air piping in Toronto is in turbochargers and superchargers.

Compressors in turbochargers enhance performance by increasing air flow inside the cylinder so that the engine can burn more fuel, and hence induce more power.

In conclusion, we see that compressed air piping in Toronto is a human necessity because we rely on our natural resources to survive. In other words, the absence of compressed air lowers our quality of life.