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Can I save money on used air compressors in Toronto?

April 06, 2016

Can I save money on used air compressors in Toronto?

While saving money is a common goal for many individuals, at Compressed Air International we recommend against underspending when buying a used air compressor in Toronto. You can definitely lower your expense by using a used air compressor over a new model, but it’s important not to be persuaded by deals too good to be true. There are quite a few reasons for this.

First, there is routine inspection and maintenance you should be sure to undergo before buying any air compressor. When you purchase an air compressor from a reputable company such as ours, you can be guaranteed all of these preliminary checks and balances have been done by skilled professionals. If you decide to underspend on a used air compressor in Toronto, there is no guarantee that this maintenance will have been done properly. There are many salespeople of used air compressors in Toronto that may be willing to cut costs in this area in order to offer you a cheaper upfront price. Loose fasteners and other bolts are one common problem that is often overlooked when purchasing a used air compressor. These need to be tightened to ensure the machine continues to run both efficiently and safely; it’s not enough to simple make sure all the nuts and bolts are present. You need to do a proper check to make sure they are all tightened correctly.

Further, it’s important to acknowledge that you don’t have a complete history of how the used air compressor you are interested in was used. A company such as ours only sell air compressors that have already been tested to meet expectations, including internal components that may be missed by other less thorough inspections. There are many replaceable parts in air compressors, such as the intake filter, that when not properly maintained can allow dust and other particles into various unintended parts of the machine.  Even if these are cleaned and fixed prior to your acquisition, having allowed the machine to run constantly in such a state can have lasting effects on the efficiency and lifespan of the machine. A unit that looks like-new may have been misused for a long period of time beforehand, leading to a much shorter lifespan compared to a new unit as a result.

In the end, it comes down to making sure that you only purchase used air compressors in Toronto from reputable sources. That way, you make sure the unit has been properly tested and inspected in advance which saves you the hassle. At Compressed Air International, we have a long history in air compressor service and would be happy to assist you with any inquiries.