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Buying Used Air Compressors in Toronto : Real World Considerations

May 23, 2018

Buying Used Air Compressors in Toronto : Real World Considerations

Buying used air compressors in Toronto is a very good value proposition. With air compressor quality and maintenance on the rise, worries about the life of the compressor are far reduced, serviceability is high and used air compressors in Toronto are often very reasonably priced.

The buying considerations when getting a used air compressor in Toronto are much the same as when buying a new compressor. What your compressed air requirements are will determine the power of the compressor: the CFM and PSI ratings of the compressor. Sustained high demands will, naturally, require a stronger compressor output than an occasional demand for compressed air for small tools. Compressed air requirements will also directly affect the tank size. It is advisable to go for a tank slightly larger than your exact requirements, lest your tools and application function improperly due to low air pressure. Another consideration is whether you require a two-stage compressor or if a single stage compressor will do.


Better build quality and regular maintenance have meant used air compressors in Toronto have significantly longer lifespans than they have had in the past.


How the compressor is to be driven must be taken into account too. Electric powered compressors are generally easier to add to your existing setup. Since there are no emissions, no outlet or vent is required to vent out exhaust gases. Before buying an electric used air compressor in Toronto, try to find out if the compressor was configured to the correct electrical setup previously. An incorrect electrical supply can wear out electrical components, especially motors, faster.

Gas powered used air compressors in Toronto are perhaps slightly more prevalent and more freely available in the market. The reason for their popularity? Gas powered used air compressors in Toronto will typically be more powerful than their electric counterparts (the relevance of which may become clearer later). With a gas powered configuration comes complexity too. Make sure to check all hoses, seals and filters.

Finally, comes assessing wear and tear. Judge your buying decision of a used air compressor in Toronto on the most obvious fact: it has seen use. Noise, vibration and engine performance will all be slightly degraded as compared to something new. An oil free air compressor may seem like a good idea, for the lower maintenance requirements it offers, but it is likely to much noisier because it runs without lubrication (and using oil also a general dampening effect). Weigh the maintenance requirements against the quieter operation and generally longer working life of an oil-lubricated air compressor.

Similarly, a used air compressor in Toronto will, more likely than not, offer slightly lower peak performance than what was advertised as new. Advertising requirements have meant that manufacturers can no longer quote unrealistically high peak outputs, rather limit themselves to peak sustained performance, but it is prudent to consider buying something slightly more powerful than you perhaps think you need. Expert advice suggests get something up to 40 per cent more powerful than what you need, but it’s something you should discuss with us when buying a used air compressor in Toronto.