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Buying A Used Air Compressor?

January 10, 2017

Buying A Used Air Compressor?

A used air compressor helps you meet your commercial needs at a lower price than new air compressors. Each used air compressor from Compressed Air International is test certified and accompanied with a one-year warranty and on-site free commissioning.

Buying a used air compressor requires much of the same considerations of buying a new one.


We made a basic checklist to help you pick one best suited for you.


Air. How much air and how much pressure do you need? Compile a list of all the tools you will be using, and ensure that the used air compressor you select will meet the requirements of your most demanding tools. Air pressure (PSI) and air volume (SCFM) are usually listed in the manuals for each tool.

Power requirements. Check what kind and what amount of power you need. Note the amps or watts, the horsepower (HP), cubic feet per minute (CFM), and the power consumption as well. Using a list of all the tools you will be using and their requirements, you can ensure that the used air compressor you buy will work well with all your tools.

Type. Do you need a piston-type or a portable air compressor? Depending on whether this is for industrial purposes or for home use, you may also need to consider space restrictions or transportation options and requirements for your used air compressor.

Maintenance. When you open the drain at the bottom, look for clear water or a little bit of red in the water and you are good to go. The oil should be changed and there should be no major physical damages. Compressed Air International’s experts ensure models that don’t meet standards don’t make it to the sales floor.

Accessories. If you have spare brass parts, D-switches, or one way check valves from your previous air compressor in stock, simply make sure they are compatible if you intend to use them as replacements. However, they can be purchased at very inexpensive prices. When you buy your used air compressor, stocking up on replacement parts is an excellent idea to reduce downtown during maintenance or repairs.

Price. Used air compressors are less expensive than new air compressors by 25% or more. The prices reflect different models, brands, capabilities, and condition. Compressed Air International’s experts are happy to help you meet your budget and technical requirements.