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Basic Air Compressor Parts That Keep Your Operation Going

September 11, 2020

Basic Air Compressor Parts That Keep Your Operation Going

Industrial air compressors are very powerful machines that provide a reliable power source for pneumatic tools and other applications. Their job is completely done only with the help of different air compressor parts in Guelph that work together to deliver the required compression. Being a piece of complex equipment, the industrial air compressor is composed of several components and each one has its own function to perform. The basic air compressor parts in Guelph include the motor, pump, and the receiver, which vary in size and capacity. Knowing how these primary components work can help you understand and appreciate more how air compressors operate. 

So how does it work?

Air Compressor pump

One of the major air compressor parts in Guelph is the pump which compresses the air before discharging it into the receiver. Two-stage compressors have two pump cylinders that compress the air twice. By doing so, they produce high pressures that range from 145 up to 175 psi. As for the reciprocating air compressor, the air enters the larger cylinder through the filter and intake valves at atmospheric pressure as the piston moves downward. 

When the piston moves upwards, the air is compressed to about 50 psi and is discharged to the smaller cylinder via the intercooler tube where it will be cooled off by flywheel fan. Once inside the small cylinder, the air is then compressed to its final pressure. On the upstroke of piston, the compressed air is discharged into the receiver through a check valve.

Air Compressor Motor

The motor powers the compressor pump and drives a pulley and the two belts. The transmission of power from the motor to the pump is done through a flywheel and a crankshaft. There is a flywheel fan that cools the pump during the compression process. In case thermal overload occurs, a magnetic starter is required to be installed to prevent damage to the motor.


Otherwise known as the tank, the receiver is used to store the compressed air. A valve is placed at the receiver inlet to prevent the air from flowing back into the compressor pump. All these industrial air compressor parts in Guelph must be maintained properly to keep their internal workings at top performance and prolong their service life.