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Avoiding Scams in Air Compressor Parts in Toronto

April 11, 2018

Avoiding Scams in Air Compressor Parts in Toronto

Due to the booming market compressors in air compressor parts in Toronto, scams and unofficial suppliers have become more and more prevalent. If not properly protected from this, an enterprise could find itself losing money for nothing.


To address this, you can follow these tips from Compressed Air International to avoid scams on your repairs and air compressor parts in Toronto.


Immediate Replacement. When the service technician recommends the replacement of a part rather vigorously, this should put you on guard. One common kind of scam in air compressor parts in Toronto is the replacement of a good viable part or equipment. One way to skirt this scam is to check if the part heats up or is noisy or emits a bad burning smell. Having a bit of knowledge can help from being fleeced by scammers.  If successful, an unlicensed provider could earn thrice the part’s value, assuming it is a new part, while the old part still is usable. Your enterprise should depend on reliable technicians to gauge the cost of the replacement.


False Identification. This scam in air compressor parts in Toronto can be done in any number of ways. One way is getting proper identification from the service technician that arrives at your office.  There is a second step and that is to verify the identity of the individual as well as the part to be replaced. This can prevent the unscrupulous individual from misrepresenting themselves as proper technicians. The verification of the part with the office is also one way to see that the part to be installed into your unit is original and new.


Pricing. Some scammers offer a discount for parts the unit actually needs. In this scam in air compressor parts in Toronto, the technician offers allegedly the same part at a lower cost or a discount. The problem is, the part may either already be used or is actually defective. It is best to refuse this offer at the outset to avoid any issues with your unit in the long run.


Scams abound in the market for air compressor parts in Toronto. Being aware as well as knowledgeable would can be of great value to your enterprise, as can trust-worthy and certified partnerships. CAI is a one stop supplier, fully licensed and well respected in the industry. Call us today to learn more!