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An Overview of Rental Compressors From Compressed Air International

April 26, 2022

An Overview of Rental Compressors From Compressed Air International

Contingency plans are important in businesses. No matter which industry your business belongs to, there can be contingencies, that if not planned for in advance, can disrupt the natural flow of things. 

In business, we know that any kind of disruption means of loss of time and money. A lot of industries rely on compressed air for various applications. An air compressor from the best brand, although reliable, can at times malfunction due to several reasons.

If you do not have a backup compressor or know reliable suppliers to source rental compressors from, you can be at risk of having to temporarily suspend the business operations. Compressed Air International Inc is a trusted supplier from whom you can rent compressors at the best rates.

Types of rental compressors 


Electric compressors: Electric compressors have gained popularity in recent years due to their ability to cut energy costs. With the help of electric compressors, you can reduce carbon emissions and save costs on fuel. You can rent electric compressors of anywhere between 5 to 300 hp. The flow rate of these compressors varies from 20 to 2000 cubic feet per minute. Electric compressors can provide compressed air at 100 psi. 

Diesel-powered portable compressors: As the name suggests, these compressors are powered by diesel. One of the best advantages of renting these compressors is that you can transport them to the location of your choice with ease as they are portable. The flow rate of these compressors varies between 85 to 1500 cubic feet per minute. 

High-pressure units: You can count on Compressed Air International for compressors even if your operations demand compressed air at pressure units higher than 600 psi. You can also rent air dryers, filters, air receivers, hoses, and accessories at the best rates.

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