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An Overview Of Omega Fire Sprinkler Compressor

March 23, 2022

An Overview Of Omega Fire Sprinkler Compressor

There are more than one ways to make effective use of compressed air for industrial purposes. You need an air compressor for everything from pumping air into the tyres of your vehicle to powering big machines and industrial equipment. 


One of the lesser-known facts is that an air compressor is required for the effective functioning of fire sprinkler systems. To increase the fire fighting capability, the fire sprinkler system is fitted across homes, movie theatres, shopping complexes, and hotels. 


A fire sprinkler system is an important safety measure that can potentially save lives and reduce damage caused to the property when a fire breaks out. Investing in a reliable fire sprinkler compressor is essential to make sure that the fire sprinkler system installed in your home is safe. Omega is a leading brand that manufactures air compressors for this purpose.


Compressed Air International supplies air compressors from Omega.


Omega manufactures heavy-duty, high-efficient, single-stage compressors that are among the best in the industry. Their compressors are either tank mounted or base mounted giving the customers an option to choose from. 


The quiet operation feature ensures minimal disturbance, making it an ideal choice for home applications. Performance and durability are two essential features to look for in any compressor used for a fire sprinkler system. 


Supplied by Compressed Air International and manufactured by Omega, this compressor features cast iron pumps that guarantee performance and durability. This spectacular air compressor from Omega comes with an oil sight gauge and uses splash-type lubrication. The stainless steel valves attached to the cast iron pumps boost efficiency. 


Pump cooling is enabled by the flywheels design, ensuring the compressor never overheats. Omega offers two years warranty on this compressor All the compressors supplied by Compressed Air International are top-of-the-line models that are fit for various industrial applications.

This particular model from Omega is one of the best fire sprinkler compressors in the industry. You can also rely on us for sourcing the best air compressor parts in Toronto.