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All about air compressor repairs in Toronto

October 06, 2020

All about air compressor repairs in Toronto

Air compressors are a huge investment in both time and money. They are considered the backbone of industrial manufacturing and are an essential component of several industries such as medical and automotive businesses. They provide consistent and responsive power to end-use applications. This is why the upkeep and maintenance of air compressors are a top priority.


The question on when you should have air compressor repairs in Toronto can be expressed as a mathematical problem.


To be specific, you will need to calculate at which point does the money saved from a new system offset the cost of its purchase. One way to perform this calculation is to assume that the lifespan of an air compressor is 10 years, while the purchase cost only accounts for 12%of the total. It should be noted that up to 76% of the cost of owning a compressed air system comes from electricity costs. This is why you should not consider any air compressor repairs in Toronto that cost over 50% the cost of a replacement and instead opt for the replacement. If the cost is less than 50%, then you can consider troubleshooting.


Many operational malfunctions in air compressors can be traced back to the power source. Other issues come from loose parts that can cause knocking sounds or other loud noises. In the case of low end-use pressure, it may be possible that several components of the compressor might need repairs. In the case of hot air discharge, the cooling systems may be malfunctioning. If troubleshooting fails, you will have to opt for a professional analysis.


If you are concerned that you cannot troubleshoot and would need professional help, you just might need Compressed Air International air compressor repair in Toronto. A dedicated team with over 50 years of experience in product knowledge, parts and service applications and channel networking that can provide an unmatched service to you.