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Air Compressor Tanks

May 07, 2019

Air Compressor Tanks

Our reputation is second to none when it comes to air compressor parts in Toronto. Our air tanks are of outstanding quality and are designed to meet your demands and specifications. As a vessel for orchestrating system controls, the air tank is crucial for maintaining a healthy and operational air compressor. Today we’ll discuss the importance of air receivers and why they play such a crucial role.



Technically an air compressor can operate without a receiver, however, this is not recommended. Lacking a receiver can create unnecessary stress on the loading and unloading cycles on the compressor, causing it to work harder. Air tanks are designed to store compressed air before it enters into the piping system and equipment.


Minimizing Pressure

Throughout the day there are pressure fluctuations that occur in an air compressor system. To help minimize and alleviate any excess tension, air tanks are used to help mitigate and control the level of pressure. To provide optimal performance, the air receiver must be of an appropriate size and have the correct output pressure.


Understand the Demands

In some cases, the demand for compressed air can change substantially throughout the day. To account for these wild changes, an air tank provides the required storage vessel to meet these short term air demands when certain types of equipment are used. Air compressor parts in Toronto are all specially designed to take these fluctuations into account.



Since air receivers are responsible for containing large quantities of compressed air, it’s imperative that the pressure does not exceed the tank’s limit. To ensure that there aren’t any accidents, proper maintenance and monitoring should be done. Additionally, the tank should be drained on a regular basis since condensation can build.


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