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Air Compressor System Audits

May 12, 2020

Air Compressor System Audits

When it comes to planning out the operational needs of your business, there is one thing that should never go overlooked. Maintaining your air compressor and regularly checking the health of your system and its various air compressor parts in Toronto are imperative to ensuring the efficiency of regular operations. 


If you find yourself too busy to take on the tasks of maintaining your air compressor system, then it is best to enlist the help of an air compressor professional that can regularly service your system needs. A certified air compressor technician is capable of making sure that your system and various air compressor parts in Toronto are in tip-top shape. They will typically conduct an audit depending on your system’s unique needs. 


In today’s blog we’ll outline 3 types of audits that are typically offered by your air compressor service professional.


Audit 1: Visual Inspection

As its name suggests, the visual inspection begins when the air compressor technician visits your facility, and does a walk-through of the surrounding area of where your compressor system is kept. The technician will assess your unit, and all its various air compressor parts in Toronto - including all the valves, pipes, and other components that work in conjunction for your air compressor to operate. They do this to have a full understanding of how air is used in your facility. 


Audit 2: Data Logging 

A data-logging audit involves the use of a data-logging box that is attached to your air compressor equipment to monitor and measure the level of output for a period of time (typically a week or so). The data-logging box is unattached and analyzed to provide an electrical usage report, which can inform the technician on certain system issues that may need to be addressed. 


Audit 3: Full-Service 

The full-service audit is more thorough than the visual inspection or data logging audit types. It encompasses both a thorough visual inspection, and the use of more equipment that reads different outputs within your air compressor system. That way, you get a full picture of how your air compressor system works as a whole, and if there are any operational issues that should be attended to.