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Air Compressor Service: Upgrades to Greenify Your Processes

August 25, 2021

Air Compressor Service: Upgrades to Greenify Your Processes

Air compressors are incredibly crucial for various industrial processes. Almost everything from auto repair shops to huge manufacturing plants benefit from the use of air compressors. As such, it is important to ensure that you have the best providers of air compressor service. Keeping your machines in good condition is crucial so that it does its job much better, with greater precision and more efficiency.


One of the best things you can do with an air compressor service is to greefiny your air compressors to make them more eco-friendly.


Going green in almost all areas of a business’ operations is the biggest trend around the world right now. Air compressor manufacturers and service providers are no exception to this. In fact, newer models of industrial air compressors are made to be more eco-friendly than ever. They are now made using variable speed drives which help increase efficiency and save more on energy consumption. So, apart from energy cost savings, how can you benefit from opting for green technology upgrades for your air compressors?


1. Less pollution

Compressors designed with green technology do not emit pollutants such as smoke or hazardous gases that can harm its surrounding environment. If your facility is an enclosed space, then this is a major concern as pollutants can compromise the health of your workers. Green models help improve the quality of air circulating around your facility.


2. Longer-lasting air compressors

Traditional units usually need frequent air compressor service, which can adversely impact daily productions and bottom lines. Conversely, green air compressors are designed to work much longer and cleaner, thus reducing the risk of damage or breakdown over time. In fact, units equipped with variable speed technology can last for about a hundred thousand hours of operations before they need servicing.


3. Broader range of applications

Lastly, green air compressors are suitable to be used for a broader range of uses. Various tools and machines that come with variable speed drives are capable of handling the different demands of various industrial and commercial applications.


Not only is it becoming increasingly common for businesses to employ air compressor service experts to greenify existing technologies, more and more businesses are also simply opting to acquire green technologies from the get-go. With these efforts, we can all reduce our carbon footprint.