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Air Compressor Service 101: Getting Rid of Contaminants

August 18, 2021

Air Compressor Service 101: Getting Rid of Contaminants

Microorganisms survive in moist environments due to the excessive humidity. Unfortunately, air compressors can take on such climates internally. Air entering the machine can create condensation and heat during the compression stages. Indeed, during air compressor service processes, one of the key things technicians check for is contamination inside the air compressor due to excess moisture.


According to our expert air compressor service providers, these are the factors that can lead to contamination:


  • Temperature: You can get rid of microorganism growth by using heat. Oil-free air compressors capable of reaching higher than 180 degrees Celsius can fully eliminate all bacteria and microorganisms during their air compression stages. However, it's best to leave thorough cleaning to qualified air compressor service technicians.
  • Moisture: An environment with 75% humidity will be vulnerable to microorganisms. Humidity levels inside industrial air compressors can easily reach these levels. Air entering the machine creates condensation. If you don't regularly remove the condensation pan's moisture, you have a higher risk of microorganisms growing inside your machine.


With these considerations in mind, what steps should you take to prevent contamination?


1. Frequent Inspections

Have specialist air compressor technicians regularly check your machine. These certified professionals have experience in disinfecting and cleaning all air compressor parts and components. We highly advise that food and pharmaceutical industries have their air compressors checked and cleaned regularly.


2. Proper Maintenance

You'll want to have proper machine maintenance in addition to general component disinfection. This is because a faulty machine is much worse at collecting condensation pan moisture. Plus, it can help enhance the industrial air compressor's lifespan and long-term performance.


3. Daily Disinfection

Lastly, have your cleaning teams disinfect air entry areas. Plus, have workers regularly change your filters. Replaceable filters are dependable to a certain extent. Alternatively, disposable filters are much better at maintaining clean environments and as such may be a better candidate for specific industries.


By following these steps, you can curb contamination issues with your compressed air energy. If in doubt, call professionals to help you with the issue.