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Air Compressor Repair in Guelph

April 18, 2018

Air Compressor Repair in Guelph

Compressed Air International offers specialized air compressor repair in Guelph for industrial ventures and commercial enterprises.  We understand the value of dependable service, technical knowledge and full certification.


We are proud to offer quality services to our business community, including air compressor repair in Guelph as well as installations, parts and maintenance. This is how we strive to stand apart:


  1. Emergency Services. We can provide emergency repair services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We can assist individual air compressor owners, small business and installations of any size in sudden unexpected downtimes to assure continued production and service. With a call we can have a technician troubleshooting the unit in no time at all.
  2. Preventative Services. Aside from emergency services, we offer preventative maintenance audits and inspections to assure the condition of any unit and foresee possible repairs or replacement issues. This monthly service would assure the air compressor, be it new or used, located in the Guelph area would be properly looked after, thus extending its service life.
  3. Parts and Accessories Services. Another unheard of service offered in this market is the complete parts and accessories available to air compressor owners in the Guelph area. This is an important aspect of air compressor repair in Guelph, as the repair services would be for naught if no parts are available to replace broken down ones or accessories that are needed to keep the compressor running at full potential.

These clearly provide owners of air compressors in the Guelph area a breath of fresh air. When the unit suddenly stops, there can be a support service that can be reached for repair assistance. For the long term, preventative maintenance services can be contracted so that experts can provide technical knowledge on how best to extend the service life of the unit. Finally, having a ready complement of parts and accessories can surely avoid any sourcing or replacement issues that were experienced without this special offer for air compressor in Guelph readily made available by Compressor Air International.