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Air Compressor Parts and Services

May 10, 2018

Air Compressor Parts and Services

Compressed Air International offers top quality products and air compressor parts in Toronto that can be essential for many operations. We carry a varied selection of gear and parts to address any need regardless of what brand or model is in question.  We are proud of our ability to deliver fast and efficient solutions to our clients from installations to repairs and maintenance of air compressor.


When it comes to maintenance and upgrades, there are common air compressor parts useful and necessary in a range of industrial applications. We offer comprehensive repairs and maintenance and air compressor parts in Toronto to meet highly competitive industrial needs.


One of the most important parts that often needs replacement is the pressure switch. It comes in different styles and sizes but they all function in the same way. It cuts the compressor on and off. The switch also controls the pressure of air that comes with your compressor.  It also has a safety mechanism. If ever the switch fails and the unit stops, you can pull the safety valve usually located near the pressure switch.

We also repair and replace downstream equipment such as the air filters, oil water separators, and tanks. These parts often need to be maintained or replaced when necessary. We want our clients to experience a smooth flow in their operations without encountering any problems in their machines.

An air compressor has air regulators which contribute to the proper function of the whole mechanism. This component has to be in good condition as it is responsible for the measurement of air needed for your operation. It can produce leaks which need to be addressed immediately to avoid service interruptions or safety issues.

Another crucial component is the air tank. It is responsible for holding the air in the tank. It opens as the unit pressurizes and closes as the unit shuts off. It is important to drain your tank to support the efficiency of the air tank and to monitor its condition.

At Compressed Air International, we value your time and investment. If you are looking for a reliable partner with complete solutions and air compressor in Toronto, give us a call today. Our qualified and experienced staff can help your enterprise secure continued efficiency.