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Advantages of used air compressors

June 19, 2015

Advantages of used air compressors

Few companies take advantage of the fact that old and used but refurbished air compressors can be used in production just like new air compressors. When air compressors become devalued with age, they can be bought back by air compressor companies and refurbished to rejuvenate their usability. Companies that specialize in manufacturing and servicing air compressors can transform the old and used air compressors to be like the new ones. This gives the clients who cannot afford new ones an opportunity to buy the used air compressors without compromising on their production requirements. 

Compressed Air International (CAI) for years have been selling refurbished used air compressors that are almost like the new ones. The used but refurbished air compressors are sold at a lower price compared to new ones. Our facilities at Guelph and Toronto have ensured sufficient supply of the used air compressors. It’s a lot more cost-efficient to buy used air compressors that can meet your needs than buying a new one.

Compressed Air International offers 1-year warranties to buyers of refurbished used air compressors. Used air compressors undergo rigorous testing before being placed on the market to ensure that they deliver high performance rates similar to new air compressors. CAI has highly experienced service professionals who guide the clients in purchasing the best quality air compressors that match their requirements and production facilities. They normally walk the clients through the process of selecting the air compressors; and educate them on using the compressors as well as maintaining them.