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Addressing the Most Common Air Compressor Service Problems

August 11, 2021

Addressing the Most Common Air Compressor Service Problems

It cannot be denied that the demand for air compressor service continues to grow. No matter the type of air compressor you use, at one time or another, they will eventually require service from an expert. Even the best quality air compressors require maintenance to check for any possible issues that can impact the functionality and performance of the machine. Fortunately, you can find comprehensive air compressor service providers close to your business.


When it comes to air compressor service, there are several considerations to keep in mind:


Highly-trained, skilled, and adept technicians can detect potential issues with all kinds of compressors and resolve those problems efficiently to help you minimize the risks of downtime. There are plenty of issues that require professional air compressor service. The most common ones include the following:


  • If the compressor is not working, there may be problems with a lack of power, failure in the switch, and disparities in pressure.
  • Too much sound produced by the compressor may be caused by many things including incorrect mounting, loose components, problematic crankcases, and damaged pistons.
  • Sometimes, there can be too much oil in the discharge air. This problem often occurs because of expired piston rings, improper oil viscosity, overfilled oil tanks, or inverted piston rings.
  • If you are experiencing consistent vibrations, then there may be some parts of the air compressor that need to be adjusted or tightened. These parts are often the belts, crankshaft, pulley, bolts, and flywheels.


Though most air compressors come with do-it-yourself repair kits, professional air compressor service is still important and in fact, preferred. If you do not know how to resolve the issue yourself, you may possibly worsen the issue. The best way to avoid any serious and costly repair issues from occurring is to detect them earlier and have professionals fix the problems.