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Achieving Energy Efficiency for Used Air Compressors in Toronto

May 24, 2021

Achieving Energy Efficiency for Used Air Compressors in Toronto

Used air compressors in Toronto are considered to be important key equipment for many different kinds of industries. They are needed to help generate power to operate tools and equipment in industrial manufacturing and processing facilities. Unfortunately, many industrial air compressors are used inefficiently and as much as 50% of energy can be wasted. Thankfully, there are regulations and stringent standards that operators can follow to help boost their efficiency without compromising productivity.


Standardization measures are designed to enforce energy standards, and as such can be greatly useful for used air compressors in Toronto.


A number of solutions have already been created and applied for many uses. Compressed Air International is a proud supplier of a wide variety of industrial air compressors that are engineered to achieve the highest productivity and energy efficiency while reducing the total cost of ownership. Advanced compressed air servicing is employed for improved performance as well as to maintain reliability even with our used air compressors in Toronto for highly effective operations. Our expert engineers take into account all the design elements, potential applications, and each individual machine’s specifications when looking into how best to refit and refurbish used air compressors.

By using more efficient models of both new and used air compressors, combined with a comprehensive service program, the cost of ownership can be lowered by %. This amount of savings can even be doubled or tripled if there is a proper use of a variable speed drive, a device that helps effectively regulate the speed of the motor of the compressor. It helps your machines deliver the exact amount of compressed air required by specific operations, thus eliminating the waste of energy while giving you savings of up to 35% or more. When adopted either in new or used air compressors, these technologies will result in better performance, reduced risks of downtime, and energy conservation.


Indeed, proper maintenance and operation will ensure even used air compressors in Toronto will give you tip-top performance. Call us at Compressed Air International today for more information on our products!