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A Brief Overview of Air Compressor Parts

October 29, 2019

A Brief Overview of Air Compressor Parts

Compressed Air International offers a large supply of air compressor parts in Toronto. Over the years we’ve established a reputation for providing among the most obscure and obsolete air compressor parts in Toronto for those in need.  Regardless of make or model of your air compressor unit, you can rest assured that we have a solution to suit your needs.


Today we’ll discuss the various types of air compressor parts in Toronto that are available.


Compressor Maintenance Kits


Our compressor maintenance kits are made to simplify the servicing and stocking process. Compressed Air International carries genuine CompAir kits compatible with various CompAir brands. Our line of kits are effective in their ability to prevent down-time, and in promoting regular operational efficiency.


Genuine and OEM Equivalent Parts


Compressed Air International also offers genuine and OEM equivalent parts for CompAir and other various suppliers. OEM equivalent parts are similar to genuine parts in most instances, run just as effectively as genuine parts – but are available for a fraction of the price. Genuine replacement offers the added benefit of adhering to the manufacturer’s warranties.


Oil Separator Kits


Some air compressors will direct accumulated condensation from the dryer into an oil water separator. An oil water separator collects accumulated oil using special polypropylene fibers, serving to purify the water through an activated carbon filter. Compressed Air International also offers charcoal bags and foam kits for a majority of common brand oil water separators.


Compressed Air Lubricant


We also offer quality compressed air lubricants to enhance the efficiency and performance of your air compressor unit. Lubricants assist in ensuring your compressor unit operates seamlessly – as lubricants aid in the cooling, sealing, or lubricating of internal components.


Filter Silencers


Our high-quality filter silencer products are designed and manufactured to assist in muffling compressor unit noise. We offer filter silencer products for a large range of compressor models, including our COMPACT FILTER SILENCERS  1/4" - 1" NPT, FS SERIES COMPLETE ASSEMBLIES 1/2" - 3" NPT, and SOLBERG FILTER ELEMENTS.