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A Beginner’s Guide to Industrial Air Compressors

May 04, 2017

A Beginner’s Guide to Industrial Air Compressors

Compressed air piping may seem like an industrial process, but it actually exists in many simpler forms. It has become so common in fact that in Europe, 10% of all industrial electricity consumption is to produce compressed air. However most of us are not experts – here is what you need to know about industrial air compressors in Toronto.


How does an air compressor work?

To understand the importance of the piping system it’s important to know how an air compressor works. Compressed air is the type of air that is stored inside a container or tank in which the volume has been reduced. The air inside the tank is compressed as long as the pressure inside the tank is maintained at a level higher than the atmospheric air measured outside the tank. The air may be stored in different forms and is used in a variety of industrial applications such as in engines and pneumatic tools.  Examples of pneumatic tools include vehicle engines, machine press, liquid sprayers and power drills. At Compressed Air International we sell a variety of industrial air compressors in Toronto and Guelph, where have two locations. This includes air dryers, compressor parts and accessories.


What is compressed air piping used for?

In Toronto, compressed air piping is essential. An accurate volume, pressure and quality must be released to make sure that the machines and tools attached to a system are receiving enough power. The process of manufacturing compressed air is very expensive. Ideally, a compressed air piping system’s design is one that reduces energy costs, minimizes equipment failure, reduces maintenance cost and yields a higher efficiency.

Compressed air piping systems can range from simple to more complex machinery. A common example we often overlook is a hand pump. Before the popularity of automated air compressors, the most common equipment used in producing compressed air was the hand pump. A hand pump is similar to what is now used in most bicycle tires. A pump produces compressed air using repeated pumping on the foot pedal or with the push-pull method by hand. Pushing the pedal will trigger the pump to receive air which enters through the intake and is then released into the plunger located outside the tire. As soon as the air is inside the tire, it is already a form of compressed air.


What about mechanical air compressors?

There are limitations to the amount of compressed air that can be injected inside a bicycle’s tire because of the possibility of popping and damage. Because of this, mechanical air compressors are not recommended in applications where the volume of air needed is only in small quantities. Mechanical air compressors release compressed air very fast and might deliver more volume than is needed. There are different types of mechanical air compressors depending on the working system in use including a rotary screw, centrifugal and piston air compressors. Each type is suitable in different industrial applications and operations.


To learn more about the inner workings of an air compressor and where you can find a durable, high quality industrial air compressor in Toronto contact us today!