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7 Tips to Perform Maintenance of Industrial Air Compressors

April 06, 2021

7 Tips to Perform Maintenance of Industrial Air Compressors

Air compressors are indispensable to efficient operation of pneumatic HVAC systems. But one must not overlook safety and maintenance measures while working with air compressors. 

One of the most crucial safety tips in operating industrial air compressors is wearing a protective gear when working with machinery and tools. To prevent any undesired incidents of injury caused by machine breakdown, it is important to conduct regular maintenance checks through an experienced air compressor service in Toronto. Periodic maintenance of air compressors ensures that they deliver optimum performance for a long period of time. 

Here are some essential tips for performing maintenance services of air compressors

  • Any industrial air compressor service in Toronto would first disconnect all stationary or portable machineries from the power outlet before performing maintenance services like cleaning, lubing, etc.

  • During every maintenance service, the electrical switch that controls the air compressor should be kept off. This step ensures safety of everyone involved in the maintenance process.  

  • Irrespective of their ability to conduct electricity, all parts that are exposed must be properly grounded. 

  • While lubrication is very important for the effective operation of air compressors, it should not be overdone as it can result in corrosion. Also, refrain from using oils with a low flashpoint for lubrication as they can potentially create a fire hazard through combustion when air compressors operate at high temperatures.

  • It is safer to utilize a tower with lye-based water when cleaning carbon remnants from any parts of a deactivated air compressor. Never ever use a cloth saturated with anything flammable, such as kerosene, for cleaning. 

  • Air compressors fueled with gas or diesel should only be run outdoors. 

  • Purging of the air system after cleanups is necessary for efficient performance of air compressors. 

All these precautionary measures must be carefully followed when performing maintenance of industrial air compressors. Reach out to Compressed Air International for quality maintenance service of your air compressors.