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6 Preventative Maintenance Steps to Minimize Major Air Compressor Repairs

April 20, 2021

6 Preventative Maintenance Steps to Minimize Major Air Compressor Repairs

If air compressors are an integral part of your business operation in Toronto, it is highly likely that you have looked up for “air compressor repair Toronto” on the internet. Getting your air compressors repaired might be an expensive affair as it might disrupt your critical business functions. However, there are some steps that you can follow to keep your compressor’s repair needs to the minimum.

Here are some preventative maintenance steps to avoid air compressor repair:

  1. Change air filters:  Air filters ensure that the air expelled from the air compressor is clean from all impurities. However, with regular use, the efficiency of air filters decreases and cleaning them will not improve the quality of the air. Consider changing your air filters on a regular basis.   
  2. Change oil filters: In the equipment like pneumatic spray painters and air cleaners, oil filters ensure that oil particles do not end up degrading the quality of the compressed air. These oil filters need to be replaced every 4000 to 8000 work hours.
  3. Clean air intake valve: The ambient air is introduced into the air compressor through its air intake valve. But if there is dirt, dust, or grime accumulated on the intake valve, it can lead to deteriorated quality of air being fed into the compressor. Consider cleaning the air intake valves daily.  
  4. Check lubricant level: Lubrication ensures smooth functioning of the air compressor by keeping internal part free from corrosion. However, unchecked levels of lubricants could lead to greater friction and corrosion between moving parts of the compressor. Therefore, it is crucial to check lubricant level on a daily basis.
  5. Grease ball bearings of motor: The ball bearings of the motor constantly rub against each other and are bound to roughen up over time impacting the performance of the motor. One must grease the ball bearings frequently to ensure air compressor functions properly.
  6. Check the tension of compressor belt: The compressor belt between the internal pulleys needs to maintain the tension for the proper distribution of load. But the belt can begin to sag after long periods of continuous use. Check your compressor belt every week for wear and tear.

A proper preventative maintenance when done periodically can improve the performance of your air compressors, extend their lifespan, and save you money by minimizing repair needs.

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