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5 Essential Steps to Maintain The Performance of Your Industrial Air Compressor in Toronto

October 14, 2020

5 Essential Steps to Maintain The Performance of Your Industrial Air Compressor in Toronto

An industrial air compressor in Toronto is the central pneumatic source for any small or medium machine shop, fabricators of all kinds, and other industries. To ensure your equipment keeps working ideally, you need knowledgeable employees, like those at Compressed Air International, to perform regular maintenance on it. 

Here are five essential steps to ensure you keep your industrial air compressor working in top shape. 

Take Time to Read Its Manual

The manufacturer's manual will talk at length about the specifications and recommended maintenance routines for your industrial air compressor in Toronto. In doing so, you can use these recommendations to extend the longevity of your machine and ensure consistent performance and safety.  

The Consequences of Strong Vibrations

For your industrial air compressor in Toronto to provide top-notch compressed air, it will need to ensure all mechanisms remain airtight. Unfortunately, strong vibrations internally will try to dislodge its nuts, bolts, and screws. Even with the best adhesives, these screws will require inspection and re-tightening and sealing when possible.

Massive Air Intake Requires Tremendous Cleaning Effort

Without the air intake, your compressor is virtually useless. When it gets clogged, you're bound to get contaminated air or blocked air intake. Regular vent cleaning is a must, especially if you're working in dusty or debris-filled environments.

Essential But Vulnerable Air Hoses

Your employees will step on them or unintentionally damage their openings. If your air hoses have leaks in different areas or are or have been in use for some time without being serviced, it's crucial for you to replace them as soon as you can to prevent performance discrepancies. 

Drain Condensation Regularly

With continued use, moisture will continue to accumulate inside your industrial air compressor in Toronto. Thankfully, your moisture tank takes care of this problem. However, your moisture tank will also create plenty of condensation over time, which can contaminate the pure air that enters your machine. Make sure to drain and clean it regularly.

When The Going Gets Tough, Work With Reliable Distributors

If you have yet to find a dependable distributor, you can count on us at Compressed Air International for all your parts and service needs 24/7 in Guelph, Toronto and several locations in Toronto. Call us today!