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5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Air Compressors Cool During the Summer

July 22, 2021

5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Air Compressors Cool During the Summer

Air compressors produce hot air, which results in condensation throughout the process. The machine's higher internal humidity levels can contribute to faster breakdowns. Oil levels can experience accelerated drying and possibly damage your compressors' parts. During the summer months, all of these issues are elevated. It is important to keep your air compressor well-maintained during the summer months to avoid having to go for air compressor repair.


Here are five ways to easily keep your compressors cool and avoid air compressor repair procedures:


Maintain the Condition of Your Coolers

Your air compressor coolers do their toughest jobs during summer. Make sure you clean them up regularly to prevent blockages and clogs. Your air compressors may potentially suffer from massive damages if your coolers are not in good condition.


Drain Clearing

High air humidity during the summer will cause your condensation pans to fill up fast. Therefore, you must regularly remove condensation from the pan. If you're using hosed condensation pans, you must remove any clogging and blockage. In addition, regularly clean or replace your condensation drain hoses to ensure stable compressor performance.


Compressor Oil Levels

Ambient heat is at its high during the summer. Therefore, you can expect lubricants to dry up faster than usual. You can follow the manufacturers' recommended oil change intervals to keep your machine running. In addition, you must observe oil levels and refill them when necessary to ensure the compressor's components are properly functioning.



Air compressors generate heat during their operation. However, this heat can double due to rising summer ambient temperatures. You can avoid premature air compressor shutdowns due to overheating by providing your machines with adequate ventilation. Always make sure your vents and fans are in proper working order.


Water Cooling System Condition

You can prevent water cooling issues by checking water temperatures before they enter your air compressor. Plus, you might need to increase the water's flow so that it can consistently cool down your air compressor components.


Not following any of these steps may result in costly air compressor repair procedures. Make sure your machines are well maintained and you will be all set for the summer months!