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4 Used Air Compressors in Toronto from Compressed Air International

May 19, 2021

4 Used Air Compressors in Toronto from Compressed Air International

Compressed Air International is proud of our reputation as a reliable supplier and servicer of used air compressors in Toronto. In our last blog, we went over the specifications for three of our used air compressors.


Here are four more used air compressors in Toronto currently sold by Compressed Air International:


1. Ingersoll Rand Rotary Screw SSR-EP100

This is a rotary screw compressor with a capacity of 446 CFM at 125 PSI. It has a 100HP motor. Ingersoll Rand is one of the top manufacturers of air compressors globally. At Compressed Air International, we make sure to service all our used machines carefully so that they not only run incredibly well, but are also fitted with some of the best original parts.


2. Quincy QMB15 Base Mount Compressor

Quincy is another renowned manufacturer of air compressors. This model has a capacity of 57 CFM at 125 PSI, with a 15 HP motor. This is a compact and quiet machine, perfect for low-intensity operations. It is incredibly easy to use, coming with a host of features such as optional electrical controls and an easy-to-read instrument panel for full operational efficiency.


3. Ingersoll Rand 15HP Piston Compressor

Like the machine before this, this air compressor is also best suited for light-duty shop or industrial operations. Its capacity is 51CFM at 175 PSI with a 15 HP motor. While these specifications are quite similar to those of the Quincy QMB15, these minor differences are significant for different applications and you will have to select for capacity carefully.


4. Atlas Copco GA37FF Compressor

Atlas Copco has a reputation for highly durable, versatile compressor machines. The GA37FF is a rotary screw compressor featuring capacities of 227 CFM at 130 PSI with a 50 HP motor. The Atlas Copco GA37 series features maintenance-free drive systems, premium efficiency electrical motoros, robust spin-on oil filters, and other design elements to boost efficiency.


Whatever your needs are, you can rest assured knowing Compressed Air International only stocks the best used air compressors in Toronto from trusted manufacturers. Call us today for more information!