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4 Signs Your Air Compressor Needs Immediate Servicing

February 17, 2021

4 Signs Your Air Compressor Needs Immediate Servicing

Having your air compressors repaired is an added expense that we would all want to avoid. However, you can prevent massive logistical shake-ups by using a high-quality air compressor service in Toronto to provide the necessary inspections and maintenance works to your machine. If you're experiencing the following, you need assistance from these air compressor repair specialists as soon as possible.


What are the things that should be a cause for concern?


Unusual Slamming and Grinding Noises

During its first few years on the job, your air compressor will make a consistent vibrating sound. Its motor sounded powerful yet controlled. However, if there are issues with the air compressor, you will hear it making slamming and grinding noises. Some employees report smelling a faint burning scent too. Should this happen, it is important to call on a reliable air compressor service in Toronto to prevent further massive damages.


Instant Loss of Pressure

Your employees have been doing the same tasks with their air compressors in the last few months. However, you've noticed a sudden slowdown in the task deliveries of specific equipment. If your employees report a drastic loss of pressure when operating their machines, it's best to call upon an air compressor service in Toronto for proper inspection and repair as this may be a sign of underlying issues.


Inaccurate Pressure Levels

Accuracy is paramount in manufacturing and assembly. Pneumatic tools depend significantly on their air compressor's pressure level consistency. Furthermore, any deviation can result in troublesome results and inconsistent product output. If employees report air pressure levels as inaccurate for most of the day, call reliable machine technicians to help you sort the problem quickly.


Employees Spend More Time Troubleshooting

If your employees spend more time on standby or trying to solve an air compressor issue, you are in dire need of a specialist to inspect and resolve the issue immediately. Fortunately, we at Compressed Air International can provide you with high-quality solutions in no time.


It's Easy to Find the Best Service Technicians Near You

With over 50 years of experience distributing and repairing air compressors, we at Compressed Air International guarantee only the best results for all your needs. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.