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4 Signs That Your Air Compressor Parts Need Replacement

October 13, 2021

4 Signs That Your Air Compressor Parts Need Replacement

If you notice that your compressor fails to function properly, it’s time to inspect and replace some components. Compressors that randomly shut down can become a huge problem and liability for your business because they can ruin the quality of the end product. Here are four ways to determine whether your air compressor parts need replacement.

How to spot air compressor problems?

Rusted Exteriors

Air compressors are typically used in industrial settings for a variety of different tasks. Some common uses include cooling or heating, inflating or deflating, and dust collection. As these compressors run 24/7, they are susceptible to rust damage. Unfortunately, this can cause severe damage to the compressor's internal components, resulting in expensive repairs.

Worn Bearings and Seals

Worn-out bearings, screws, and seals pose severe safety risks to industrial machines. These parts can cause severe injury or death when they come into contact with the device's moving parts. Other hazards include damage to the machine itself and excess energy consumption. When bearings and screws fail, they should be replaced immediately.

Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures can cause air compressor spare parts to malfunction or might even stop the functioning of the compressor entirely. The excessive temperature could indicate issues with the cooling system of your air compressor. When air compressor parts aren't cooled properly, they might overheat and bend. If the machine stops working, it can cause massive downtimes that could affect your company's logistics.

Metal Deposits

Metal deposits can cause the air compressor to fail and could also cause personal injuries. When metal is not adequately removed from the compressor, it can get into the machine's internal parts and potentially harm its other parts or even its users. Metal deposits in compressors are often caused by oil leaks that create small metal particles that then get pulled into the compressor which may cause limited air ventilation.

Replace Air Compressor Parts With The Best Technicians

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