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4 Reasons to Replace Air Compressor Parts

November 23, 2021

4 Reasons to Replace Air Compressor Parts

Air compressors play an essential role in different industries. For small-scale and large-scale enterprises, power available from compressed air is an excellent replacement for steam and sometimes electricity. If at all one of the components in the air compressor fails to perform, the entire production capacity of your industry could be affected. In such scenarios, you may have to replace air compressor parts to fix the issue.

Four issues that call for the replacement of air compressor components.

Air Leak

Air leak is one of the most common problems occurring in air compressors. Even a tiny leak could significantly affect their performance. If you are experiencing such an issue, you can fix it by replacing air compressor parts. One of the primary reasons leading to air leaks is the failure of tank check valves. Replacing the tank check valve from time to time is important.


Malfunctioning electrical motor

The electrical motor is one of the major components of an air compressor. If you have been using a compressor for many years, its motor could start showing problems due to wear and tear. Other reasons that could lead to the failure of motors are wiring issues and fluctuating power supply. Repairing and if needed, replacing the motor could solve the issue with your air compressor.


Faulty air filters

Air filters are responsible for preventing contamination in a compressor. If you haven't replaced air filters in a long time, the overall performance of the air compressor will drop. Even if you replace the original air filter with a counterfeit or one of lower quality, such problems could persist. 


Trapped air over the pistons

Another common reason that leads to the failure of air compressors is trapped air over the pistons. This problem commonly occurs when the unloader valve has been damaged. The timely replacement of such air compressor parts will help you prevent interruption. 


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