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4 Indications that Air Compressor Repair is Required

September 09, 2021

4 Indications that Air Compressor Repair is Required

If your air compressor has stopped performing according to your expectations, this may be an indication that you need to subject it to air compressor repair services. Air compressor issues that are not corrected as soon as possible can lead to further damage, and as such fixing problems with your air compressor should always be handled as quickly as possible.


Strive to avoid air compressor issues by being prepared with the right air compressor repair services.


In today’s blog, we will be helping you figure out when you need to engage the services of repair technicians. Below are some common symptoms experienced by faulty air compressors. If your machine is exhibiting these symptoms, get in touch with an air compressor repair provider as soon as possible.


Tripped Breakers

Tripped breakers happen when too many devices in your system need power simultaneously, and the breaker or fuse gets overloaded. You can replace the fuse or reset your breaker by removing all of the associated fuses from the circuit. However, if the issue continues, then it may be a problem with the electrical circuits. You will then need to call in a qualified air compressor tech to examine the circuit.


High Moisture Levels

Air compressors release condensation into the surrounding area. To ensure that this is not damaging anything, collect and remove this moisture by using the right tools or accessories. Check if there is a manual drain on the air receiver and drain and clean it daily. If you notice abnormal moisture accumulation, or if some components of your air compressor begin to deteriorate, call in an air compressor repair service as soon as possible.


Extreme Noise Levels

Air compressors produce a loud noise that remains consistent throughout their operation. However, excessive noise or unusual sounds might indicate significant air compressor problems. Rattling, humming, or screeching all indicate that the air compressor might have lost or broken parts that require replacements or repair.


Frequent Thermal Overload

Poor ventilation results in thermal overload because air compressors produce heat that requires a release vent. Most air compressors have their respective coolers that help lower air temperatures internally. Once you've cleaned them out, you'll need to reset the thermal overload. If nothing happens, consult with qualified technicians for the best repair options.


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