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4 Crucial Details to Consider When Purchasing Used Air Compressors in Toronto

November 25, 2020

4 Crucial Details to Consider When Purchasing Used Air Compressors in Toronto

With a press of a button, you will find a large number of used air compressors in Toronto being sold online. If you're starting a business, a brand new air compressor is ideal, but it can be quite expensive. This is a problem for new business owners who have a low budget.


The solution for most small business owners is usually to buy a used air compressor. To find the best used-machines, here are four crucial details to consider for the best options.


Define Your Business Requirements

To begin your search, you must understand what your business requires to operate at optimal efficiency. You will be able to find many brands of used air compressors in Toronto, but which best suits your business needs. To narrow down the options, find another business that is similar to yours. Find out what equipment and brands they use for their operations. By doing this, you will have an idea of which compressors will be best for you.


Machine Mileage

Used air compressors can vary between 5-15 years of use. We recommend avoiding using machines beyond the age of ten years. Most air compressors tend to show signs of mechanical failure and require a lot of maintenance beyond ten years. In some instances, it may be better to rent an air compressor rather than purchasing an older machine. 


Previous Air Compressor Operations

It is very possible to misuse air compressors from previous work. An underpowered air compressor may still get the job done, but it creates a strain on the machine with prolonged use. This may be a sign of internal deterioration of the machine. Refurbished machines may look new, but as a rule of thumb, it is always a good idea to ask about the details before buying.


Air Pressure and Quality

Lastly, ask the seller about the average and maximum air pressure the machine can produce. If you have time, bring the team that will use the machine. In doing so, you can troubleshoot before purchasing and ensure it's the right fit for your operations.


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