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4 Critical Signs Your Machines Need Air Compressor Service in Toronto

November 16, 2020

4 Critical Signs Your Machines Need Air Compressor Service in Toronto

Air compressors are the centre of any automotive, manufacturing, and assembly facility.

Without their capabilities, pneumatic tools wouldn’t function properly. However, even the best air compressors will start to falter and be problematic with continued use. Here are four crucial signs that your machines need an air compressor service in Toronto

Loud Banging or Grinding Sounds

If you're hearing loud slamming or grinding noises during your equipment's operation, it's a sign that you might need a professional air compressor service in Toronto. Abnormal operational sounds indicate that your compressor might have loose parts or fittings. Some misaligned components can grind against other equipment, which frequently leads to its sudden shutdown.

Uneven or Inconsistent Air Pressure

Air compressors use specialized air sealing mechanisms. These air sealants can wear out over time. If you're experiencing uneven or inconsistent air pressure using your equipment, it might be time to consider using quality air compressor service in Toronto for repairs or replacements.  

Burning Smells During Operation

It's never a good sign when you smell something burning, despite the absence of noise or malfunction with your machine. With most air compressors, it can be faulty wiring or a light-density material that made its way into the compression mechanisms. When this happens, the hot air could be burning the light material in question.

Frequent Shutdowns

If employees report frequent machine shutdowns in a single day, it's an indication to replace your compressor. Shutdowns ensure no other parts and components get damaged. Therefore, if all troubleshooting and repairs by dependable professionals fail, it's time to call it quits with your air compressor.

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