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4 Critical Signs It's Time to Have Services for Air Compressor Repair in Toronto

January 13, 2021

4 Critical Signs It's Time to Have Services for Air Compressor Repair in Toronto

Air compressor repair in Toronto is an accessible service, especially if you have emergency repair needs. Air compressor service providers such as Compressed Air International are able to give you complete, 24-hour, 7-days a week service, allowing you to have a fully-functional air compressor by sunrise after the previous night's maintenance.


If you're unsure whether your machines need repairs, here are four critical signs to look out for:


Reported Odd Sounds

Grinding and slamming sounds are irregular for air compressors. Therefore, if your operators report any odd sounds, it's critical to call for maintenance or air compressor repair in Toronto. These teams can provide you a better view of your air compressor's overall performance. In doing so, they give you the best course of action to repair or resolve their issues.


Maintenance Failing To Deliver Expected Performance

Regular machine maintenance limits the need for air compressor repair in Toronto. On the other hand, maintenance isn't enough, especially for machines beyond ten years of age. That being said, you must still schedule regular maintenance for your machines, and only resort to emergency repairs as a last resort.


Air Compressor Levels Are Low

Introducing controllable air pressure is an air compressor's main purpose. Therefore, if compressors lose this functionality, they will require repairs or replacement. It's essential to call upon dependable repair teams with the manufacturer's certification to determine the root cause of low air pressure, which is usually loose or torn gaskets, oil seals, and more.


Aged More Than a Decade

Any machine that has operated daily for over a decade is at higher risk of suffering from massive damage than its newer counterparts. Maintenance observations give you lifespan and performance predictability, but a repair or replacement does not guarantee your malfunctioning ten-year-old machine will regain its performance 100%.


It's Easy to Find Reliable Repair Teams near You

If you have yet to find a dependable air compressor servicing company, you can always count on us at Compressed Air International for all your needs. Contact us today to learn more.