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3 Signs Your Air Compressor Parts Need Immediate Replacing

June 24, 2020

3 Signs Your Air Compressor Parts Need Immediate Replacing

Air compressors can continue to function at an adequate level for decades but only with frequent inspections and maintenance. However, different compressors are all made with a different set of standards, materials, and capabilities. Even well-manufactured air compressors will wear themselves out and break down over time. When this happens, you need to replace your air compressor parts in Toronto immediately to prevent a huge logistical hiccup.


Here are three clear signs you need that your machine and their parts are approaching the end of their lifespan:


Frequent Machine Shutdowns

Most equipment will shut down if faulty air compressor parts cause abnormal or interrupted operations that can harm the machine's health. This indicates the need for replacement if it happens too often. At this point, repairs won’t cut it anymore. If you've had two consistent compressor shut-offs per hour, it is probably too late to just replace the parts and you may want to consider replacing the whole machine.


False Air Pressure Readings

Pneumatic tools depend significantly on your air compressor's consistent delivery of pressurized air. However, inaccurate pressure readers will inevitably affect your manufacturing or assembly output. Technicians of air compressor parts in Toronto can resolve these issues without fail. If the problem persists, then it's highly likely your air compressor needs replacing. Consider this option to avoid logistical issues in the future.


More Than Ten Years of Use

Manufacturers have made air compressors to last for decades or even a century if possible. However, problematic signs of failing equipment and performance can manifest after ten years of consistent use. Review the age and performance of each air compressor you own. Then, observe the performance of decade-old machines. If they have more issues that your production output can bear, it is time to replace them.


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