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3 Important Air Compressor Parts

June 22, 2022

3 Important Air Compressor Parts

An air compressor is an efficient machine that relies on numerous parts for its performance. Irrespective of the size, however, every part plays a vital role in the functioning of the compressor. Any damage to any of the parts can significantly affect the air compressor's performance. Faulty parts not only compromise the performance but also leads to issues like increased electricity consumption. Increased electricity consumption, in turn, leads to increased operating costs.

Preventive maintenance and regular servicing of air compressors can prevent damage to their parts and prolong their life. As a business owner who relies on compressed air, it is critical to learn about important air compressor parts and their functions. Compressed Air International is a leading supplier of air compressor parts in Toronto. Read this blog to learn about the crucial compressor parts we supply.


3 vital compressor parts.


Keeping your air compressor clean is in the best interest. However, keeping just the exterior of the compressor isn't enough to guarantee durability. An air filter is a crucial aspect of an air compressor as it keeps its interior clean. It is essential to clean the filters regularly and check for damages during servicing. A damaged filter won't be able to maintain the air quality. 

Air compressor dryers do the crucial task of keeping moisture away from air compressor parts. An efficient air dryer prolongs the life of your air compressor by ensuring that water does not affect the performance of air compressor parts. 

Connecting rod
Although pistons and crankshaft are essential, they cannot do their job effectively without connecting rods. As the name suggests, connecting rods connect the piston and the crankshaft. Connecting rods transmit the power to the piston from the crankshaft. 

All the above-mentioned parts are vital to the functioning of an air compressor. You can source top-notch air compressor parts in Toronto at the best rates from Compressed Air International Inc. We have years of experience supplying branded compressor parts to clients across Canada. We also offer rental compressors and used compressors in Guelph.