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3 Components To Check During Air Compressor Repairs and Maintenance

December 29, 2021

3 Components To Check During Air Compressor Repairs and Maintenance

An industrial air compressor is an essential piece of equipment that is necessary for the functioning of many industries. A compressor provides machines with compressed air in large quantities. This compressed air can be used as an alternative for electricity and gas. 

However, for the air compressors to work, you need electricity or gas in relatively much lesser volume. Due to wear and tear or technical snags, you might need to repair your air compressor. This blog lists some major components to be checked during air compressor repair to find the problem and address it. 


Check These Components For Issues While Air Compressor Repair



Plate valves, radiused disc valves, and high-flow valves are the three most common types of valves that you will find in industrial air compressors. A valve is crucial for determining the pressure flow of a compressor. Therefore, checking for any damage to valves should be the priority of a technician. 



Pistons are very important for the smooth functioning of an air compressor. Gas is pulled into the compressor when the pistons move away from the valves. The strength of the pistons is directly related to the air compressor's performance. Therefore, checking their condition is a must during air compressor servicing.



Like valves and pistons, the crankshaft is also imperative for the air compressor's performance. The crankshaft is responsible for transferring energy as its movement puts the pistons into action. A connecting rod or multiple connecting rods facilitates power transfer between the crankshaft and the pistons.


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