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3 Common Materials for Manufacturing High-Quality Compressed Air Piping in Toronto

March 16, 2021

3 Common Materials for Manufacturing High-Quality Compressed Air Piping in Toronto

Without compressed air piping in Toronto factories, it's impossible to operate any machining, fabricating, or manufacturing facility. High-quality compressed air piping guarantees consistent pressure across the entire facility's network of air compressor accessories. Choosing the right material is crucial in enhancing your equipment's performance.

Here are three of the best materials that you can use for compressed air piping in Toronto


This metal is easily malleable and corrosion-resistant, making it an excellent choice for any facility that prioritises clean air. Using copper for compressed air piping in Toronto is a good choice because even when air condensation builds up, the system will not corrode copper pipes. This also lowers the risk of debris entering the system. The one thing to keep in mind is that copper piping requires threading and soldering for its installation, which requires a high skill level, so make sure you seek advice from the experts in the industry such as Compressed Air International.


Stainless Steel

The best material for projects that require a high strength-to-density ratio is stainless steel. Steel is strong and resists corrosion. This property ensures that it will not damage the pneumatic tools and accessories even as they age. However, like copper, even stainless steel piping requires a high level of expertise as it needs lengthy soldering and welding for proper fitting. When the experts perfectly install it, you will have an excellent system of compressed air piping in Toronto.



The metal's lightness makes it the best choice for compressed air piping facilities. While it does require a good amount of initial investment, aluminum is non-corrosive, and thus, durable. Aluminum piping is easy to install as it does not require soldering or threading while providing much cleaner air. It also has lower repair costs and a more efficient stream of air, thus maintaining the performance of your industrial air compressor.


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