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3 Air Compressor Parts That Should Be Replaced

July 20, 2020

3 Air Compressor Parts That Should Be Replaced

In the event that your air compressor has stopped working due to a broken part, it’s best advised you leave it to the professionals by seeking quality air compressor repair in Toronto. Air compressor professionals will be able to diagnose what parts are broken and will be able to provide an optimal solution so you can get back to your regular operations. 


However, it is usually the case that when a part is broken it will need to be replaced. In today’s blog we’ll discuss 3 parts that need to be replaced when broken. Read on to learn more.


Air Compressor Fan

Depending on the make of your air compressor, the fan that lies inside can be made from a cheaper material. Instead of fans made from metal, plastic fans are more susceptible to wear and tear. Luckily, any reliable company that offers air compressor repair in Toronto should be able to offer a replacement fan made of a more durable material such as metal. All you’ll need to do is check your compressor manual book for part numbers and dimensions. If you’re unsure, ask trusted air compressor technician professionals. 


On/Off Switch

If your air compressor unit fails to turn on when you flip its switch, then it could mean 2 possible things. The first is that there could be an issue with the switch itself. The second is that there is an internal issue within the machine. To be sure, you should call on the help of technicians who offer air compressor repair in Toronto to run some diagnostic tests. They’ll be able to assess whether the issue is the power switch or otherwise. If it is the power switch that is causing start-up issues then a simple replacement is often the best solution. 


Intake Filter

The intake filter of your air compressor is important for filtering out impure particulates, and is effective in its ability to promote your compressor’s operational efficiency. However, the intake filter is more prone to getting broken as it usually sticks out from the rest of the air compressor unit. Luckily, it’s also one of the easier components to replace. Just be sure to find intake filter replacements that are meant for your compressor unit.